PU Self Level Flooring Service

PU Self Level Flooring

CLEAN TECH PU 150 based on large molecular weight polyols and urethane polymers two-component solvent-free, pigmented modified resin method which forms a creamlike self-levelling seamless flooring with excellent flexibility, impermeable to water, chemical resistant, shock and abrasion resistance, lustrous and durable. Usable in 0.15 mm density. Especially suitable for areas shown to sunlight.


  • Good abrasion resistance qualities
  • Ready in handsome colours
  • Exceptional adhesion to a substrate
  • Self-smoothening lustrous surface.

Good physical and chemical strength characteristics It is cheap and can be implemented in a thickness of 150 – 300 microns in 1-2 coats. It is weatherproof and has wonderful colour/gloss properties. Firstly, you require to implement CLEANTECH Primer(M) first before implementing CLEANTECH PU 150.

PU Self Level Flooring


Polyurethane self-level flooring is best befitted for both aesthetic and functional where you get a class and durability at the same time. This innovative technology, fast-drying, higher solids, and extended life. PU self-level flooring system provides you with the super-fast hardening property you’ll get improvement you can get back on your floor in the smallest possible time. Chemflow Paints provides different PU self-level flooring with its extraordinary extensibility and crack connecting features.

Benefits of PU Self Level Flooring:

PU self-level flooring usually consists of a mixture of filler, hardener, filler which comprises resin and colour. These are blended on-site and implemented within a particular time frame. Large-scale options of colour customization are pleasant and reinforcement can be done from as low as few microns to few millimetres, but for self-levelling characteristics, at least 1mm diameter is approved. Our PU based self-levelling for floors are simple to use and defend the base substrate from huge foot traffic and are generally approved for the food industry and cleanroom purposes. Qualities of self-level polyurethane provide huge scope in floor design and customization as obliged. Supplementary colour shades or other design factors can simply be combined to transparent or single-colour during utilisation to create an embellishing and long-lasting carpet that is seamless, colourful, sanitary, UV resistant and presents long-lasting floor security. Chemflow Paints allows PU self-level flooring service at the best rates and inside a time frame. Contact us to know more about the PU self-level flooring service in Pune.

What is s epoxy flooring self-levelling?

Self-levelling Epoxy Chemflow Paints variety of self-levelling epoxy alternatives provides exceptional act as a seamless flooring solution.

PU Self Level Flooring Uses:

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