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Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer

An anti-corrosion epoxy primer prevents moisture or corrosion from creeping in, as it is very effective at sealing up bare metals. It keeps the oxygen away from the metals and ensures that rust or corrosion does not affect the surface of the metals. Moreover, it's non-porous as it cures and doesn't soak up the moisture as most primer-sealers do.
It has chemical resistance in high humidity environments, strong adhesive, and good mechanical ability, making it usable on various materials.
Epoxy primer's main job is to protect materials against rust as well as corrosion. There is a two-part epoxy primer comes which has zinc phosphate, which enhances the corrosion-inhibiting properties. Paint is composed of pigment, whereas primer is composed of binding elements, which ensures no oxygen passes through it, resulting in corrosion. Epoxy primer is also used as a waterproofing material that protects bare metal from oxidation.

anti corrosion epoxy primer

Types of Epoxy Primer

One-part Anti-corrosion epoxy primer

The one part epoxy primer consists of a sealer that makes a smooth finishing when applied to the coats. This is usually the first base coat applied on bare steel, which creates a non-porous finish. It works best on bare metals, and you can use it on newly fabricated metal [arts also which has been fully stripped.

Two-part Anti-corrosion epoxy primer

The two-part epoxy primer consists of a sealer and zinc phosphate. Zinc phosphate is included in it because it inhibits the corrosion properties. It is a type of structural steel primer, and the main components of two-part epoxy primer cure chemicals by cross-linking. These two-part epoxy primers are mostly used on concrete, steel, and industrial; application like water treatment plants, power plants, and marine equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anticorrosive epoxy primer is a high-quality epoxy primer that is efficient in providing maximum protection. This is why it is used for coating in the aggressive environment, including petrochemical facilities, offshore structures, Industries, Bridges, and power plants. .
Yes, it is specially made to prevent corrosion because it is a strong adhesive, chemical resistant, and works in high humidity environments, as it has good mechanical ability. Epoxy primer can be used in various materials like steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, asphalt, wood, fiberglass, and concrete.
Epoxy primer works as a proper base for topcoats which provides an exquisite finish. This acts as a binding ingredient between the top coat of the paint and concrete, which protects the primer before the walls are ready for paint. Primarily, it protects the walls from extreme weather conditions.
One of the main differences between epoxy primer and epoxy sealer is that you tend to require a single primer coat, whereas it requires multiple epoxy sealer coats if you use a sealer. So, you can understand how efficient the epoxy primer is.

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