EPU Flooring Service

EPU Flooring

What is EPU flooring?

EPU flooring is a blend of epoxy and polyurethane resin and is recognised as a hybrid component of the floor layer. Our firm has made a fantastic leap ahead in giving EPU Floor assistance. It has a better life and performance in connection to epoxy flooring.

What are the kinds of epoxy floorings?

Epoxy coating, Strong Chemical Resistant Coating, Epoxy Toppings, Epoxy Tough Screed, Self-Smooth Toppings, Anti-Static Flooring, UV Resistant Coatings, Anti Slip Flooring, Aesthetic Coats and several other customer requirements.

What is the price of epoxy flooring?

The comparative cost of epoxy flooring begins from Rs. 45 per square feet.

Chemflow Paints is the most entrusted EPU flooring manufacturer in Pune, our company is excellent in EPU flooring as we mix the advantages of both epoxy and polyurethane for EPU floor coating. Chemflow Paints suggests EPU flooring at a pretty reasonable rate for all industrial and commercial purposes. Epoxy Polyurethane hybrid floors are also identified as flexo-hard flooring. They have an enormous amount of versatility with superior toughness. In Chemflow Paints EPU Hybrid Floor Coating, epoxy–amine stoichiometry is adjusted in such a way that the mixed outcome of the flooring remits excellent polish and adhesion of epoxy along with the adaptability of polyurethane.

EPU Flooring

EPU Flooring Uses:

The EPU chemistry provides the rectified floor to be moderately flexible presenting high elongation and powerful influence strength which is essential in applications such as EPU floor coating that require chip immunity. The inexpensive viscosity of Epoxy Polyurethane presents its task very well in fitting and Epoxy self-leveling flooring ideas. Also, the chemistry allows low exotherm which further improves the pot life, which is an essential phase in self-leveling and uniform epoxy floors.

Key features: