Concrete Densification Services

Concrete Densifier

Why is a concrete densifier used?

Concrete densifiers are usually used in new concrete for its high wear properties, such as elevators and loading docks. They are also frequently used to new, ultra-flat slabs discovered in big box stores that may or may not later realize gleaming concrete. They can be utilized to polished and non-polished concrete.

Do I need a concrete densifier?

Although the slab is being polished or sometimes left unpolished, using a densifier is an economical way to add power, durability, and persistence to a concrete slab.

What is a concrete densifier made of?

Usually, densifiers are water-based and uprisen of chemicals can react with the concrete only to fill its pores. Mostly, these chemicals include potassium, sodium, or lithium silicates.

Chemflow Paints allows individual components most suitable concrete densifier in Pune which are implemented by qualified applicators who have been succeeded and certified to use the goods so that it provides a long-lasting finish. We have seen that concrete sheets are soft and dusty, and they are susceptive to liquid penetration and simple and complicated to clean and repair.

Concrete Densifier

With concrete densification which is also applied to as concrete finish, we can decrease dust generation, improve surface hardness, enhance abrasion and mark resistance, reduce water absorption. With Chemflow Paints Concrete Densifier Application, you can manage your polished concrete floors in a great position with a long-lasting surface with long life results that are very pure to manage. The chemistry and process of concrete densification will not transmit a sheet on the surface. Rather, it will infiltrate below within the cover and support a chemical reaction with the mineral substrate in the concrete. The resulting response of concrete sealer is strong and hence there is normally no demand for resealing.


A concrete densifier is a liquid chemical that is used uniformly all over the floor that enters the top surface coating of concrete. Its goal is to fulfil the acceptable gaps made from water from drying during the curing process, comparable to how water fills the pores of a sponge.

This effect occurs within the lime present in the cement and densifier to build a network of calcium silicate hydrates in the concrete openings, which occurs in a thicker substrate with great hardness and also the decline of solid abrasion and dust accumulation. The water distribution process of the concrete densifier consists of nanoparticles that are remarkably small up to (~10 nm) and therefore, they insert the porous concrete. The nanoparticles are not soluble and will be settled in the openings. We also provide epoxy cement flooring solutions as per the customer demands all across India.

Chemflow Paints, is the chief epoxy flooring solution in Pune, has proficient and qualified experts who result in the most powerful quality finished concrete floor at a very affordable rate for your industrial and commercial businesses. Contact Us now to get your industrial epoxy flooring requirements fulfilled.

Concrete Densifier Uses:

  • Stores In Marketplaces
  • Offices & Apartments
  • Electronics & Electrical Industry
  • Automobile & Engineering Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
  • Chemical Factory
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry

Advantages Concrete Densifier:

  • Decreased Dust Formation
  • Improves Surface Hardness
  • Enlarges Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
  • Decreases Water Absorption
  • Enhances Gloss Level of Concrete

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